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How does the lead acid battery work?

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Batteries are needed as the primary source of static charge in areas where you cannot use the direct current. Take the example of the remote control with which you control the air conditioner. The AC cannot run on the battery because it needs a lot of power, and the batteries won’t be able to provide the same. But electrical connections can, and that’s why the appliance is connected with the mains. But you don’t need the same electrical connection to operate the remote control. Instead, to power up the motherboard, you need the batteries.

There are several types of batteries that are used for different purposes. But lead acid batteries are the most common ones. They are the initial battery technology and are still prevalent in many applications. However, to understand the applications or the utility of these batteries, you need to understand how they work. In this article, we have explained the working of lead acid batteries Dubai and several other facts like the applications, components in the battery, and so on.

What is a lead acid battery?

Established in 1859, lead acid batteries are the first rechargeable batteries still used in many areas. It is known for the high amount of current that it can generate and is hence mostly used for commercial and industrial operations.

Structure of the lead acid battery

Before moving further ahead to explain the working of lead-acid batteries, you must understand their components. This will help you to get the hang of working in a better way.

lead acid battery dubai
  1. The battery’s negative electrode is made from a porous or spongy lead. Due to this unique structure, dissolution of the lead atoms or forming of lead atoms is much easier.
  2. The cathode or the positive electrode consists of a block made from lead oxide or PbO.
  3. An electrolytic solution is also present in which these two electrodes are immersed by 75%.
  4. Usually, the electrolytic solution is dilute sulphuric acid, where the water concentration is more than the mineral acid.
  5. Also, there is a membrane that separates these electrodes. The membrane will electrically insulate the electrodes but allow the chemical ions to transfer from the cathode to the anode and vice versa.

How does the lead acid battery work?

Although the lead acid batteries in Dubai generate the charges through a chemical process known as electrolysis, you need to supply a nominal value of potential or current from the external circuit. Usually, the current supplied is not less than 2.1 volts. If the potential difference between the electrodes is less than this value, reverse action will occur, and the battery won’t function according to the desired expectations.

lead acid battery dubai

Once current is applied, the sulphuric acid and water molecules undergo ionization, and the positive ions travel towards the negative terminal while the negative ions travel towards the positive electrode. At these sites, chemical reactions take place, and electrons are released. Since the electrodes are at a potential difference, the electrons will travel from the negative to the positive electrode. Therefore, a current will be generated in the external circuit from the positive to the battery’s negative terminal.


Here, we have discussed the working of the lead acid batteries Dubai. You are now aware of the way the battery can generate current and power the appliance or the device to which it is connected. Although lithium-ion batteries have replaced them, lead-acid batteries are still used in several commercial areas.

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