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When powering your essential gadgets and equipment, you need a reliable and lasting battery that can withstand time. At Battery Master UAE, we realize the significance of having a stable power supply, and that’s why we provide a broad choice of Long batteries intended to fulfill your energy demands. To ensure you always have juice when you need it most, we have various LONG battery types to meet your needs regardless of your specific application.

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Long batteries have become a go-to energy source for various tools and gadgets. Knowing the benefits of Long batteries will help you make a well-informed decision about which batteries to buy for your devices.


Long-lasting batteries best represent consistency. Their design guarantees a reliable power supply for all your electronics and appliances. The LONG battery provides dependable power for machines that must work continuously.


The lifespan of extended batteries is a primary design consideration. They last longer than regular batteries, saving you time and money in the long run. It not only saves you money in the long run but also lessens the environmental effect of disposing of spent batteries.

High Performance:

You can depend on Long batteries to work admirably in your UPS, alarm system, emergency lights, and other mission-critical devices. The LONG battery is designed to provide consistent backup power, keeping your electronics operational even in a power loss or other emergency.


Different versions of Long batteries are available in a wide selection of voltages and capacities. Because of its adaptability, it is simple to locate the most suitable power supply for any given piece of machinery. Long sells batteries of various sizes, from 6V to 12V.

Proven Track Record:

Long batteries have been used successfully in various fields and contexts. Businesses and organizations worldwide rely on them for everything from telecommunications and medical devices to security systems and alternative energy initiatives.

LONG BATTERY Models Available at Battery Master UAE

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A wide variety of LONG battery types are available to meet your requirements. Our selection of batteries covers a wide range of voltages and capacities so you can choose the correct battery for your device. Battery Master UAE has the following varieties of Long batteries:

6V Batteries:

The best performance of your electronic gadgets and tools is guaranteed by using long 6V batteries, which are designed to deliver stable and steady power. Long 6V batteries are reliable whether you’re using them in a child’s toy, a torch, or any other low-voltage use.


6V LONG battery UAE provides excellent performance and reliable backup power, making them ideal for anything from powering tiny gadgets to hobby projects. Because of their ability to reliably supply the required current, they are widely used in many low-voltage applications. Take a look at our wide selection of 6V batteries:

  • 2-6 6V 1.3AH BATTERY
  • WP3-6 6V 3AH BATTERY
  • 5-6 6V 4.5AH BATTERY
  • WP7-6 6V 7AH BATTERY
  • WP12-6S 6V 12AH BATTERY

12V Batteries:

Long-lasting 12V batteries are built to perform reliably and consistently. Their cutting-edge design and sturdy build guarantee that your electronics always have the juice they need to function at their best. You may rely on these batteries to perform admirably in every circumstance, from the most urgent to the most routine.


12V battery LONG is built with convenience in mind. They don’t require regular servicing, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Once installed, they will reliably and quietly supply the necessary electricity, making them an excellent option for everyone.

  • 2-12 12V 1.2AH BATTERY
  • 3-12 12V 2.3AH BATTERY
  • 9-12 12V 2.9AH BATTERY
  • 5-12 12V 4.5AH BATTERY
  • WP5-12 12V 5AH BATTERY
  • WP7-12 12VV 7AH BATTERY
  • 2-12 12V 7.2AH BATTERY
  • WP1236W 12V 9AH BATTERY
  • WP12-12 12V 12AH BATTERY
  • WP18-12 12V 18AH BATTERY
  • WP14-12 12V 14AH BATTERY
  • WP20-12 12V 20AH BATTERY
  • WP22-12 12V 22AH BATTERY
  • WP26-12 12V 26AH BATTERY
  • U1-33HN 12V 33AH BATTERY
  • U1-36NE 12V 36AH BATTERY
  • WPS40-12 12V 40AH BATTERY
  • WP45-12 12V 45AH BATTERY
  • WP50-12 12V 50AH BATTERY
  • WP55-12N 12V 55AH BATTERY
  • WPL65-12 12V 65AH BATTERY
  • KPH65-12 12V 65AH BATTERY
  • KPH75-12 12V 75AH BATTERY
  • KPH80-12 12V 80AH BATTERY
  • KPH100-12 12V 100AH BATTERY
  • WPL120-12 12V 120AH BATTERY
  • WPL150-12 12V 150AH BATTERY
  • WPL200-12 12V 150AH BATTERY
  • WPL200-12 12V 200AH BATTERY


Explore the LONG BATTERY Advantage

Selecting the correct battery is crucial for the trouble-free functioning of your tools and gadgets. You can put your faith in the dependability, longevity, and excellent performance of Long batteries from Battery Master UAE. Our wide selection of LONG battery types ensures that we have the right one for you and your specific power requirements. Try one of our Long batteries now and see what all the fuss is about.