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If you are someone who finds themselves buying batteries a lot and you’re aware of various battery types, you must be well acquainted with AGM batteries. AGM batteries are quite contemporary and have been specifically designed to suit the needs of consumers. Let us dig deeper to take a look at what AGM batteries are and how they are different from other battery types.


What Are AGM Batteries? 


The term AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. AGM batteries are advanced forms of the traditional lead-acid batteries that are usually preferred by consumers for their superior build, longevity, and higher power support for smoothly running various electrical appliances. Some of the most important factors that contribute to the sheer popularity of AGM batteries are their resistance to vibration and spill-proof technology that reduces any chances of acid leakage through the batteries.


Benefits of AGM Batteries 


As we mentioned earlier, there are several benefits of AGM batteries that play a crucial role in persuading people to purchase them. AGM batteries are known for their long life and robust nature. However, there are a few other qualities these batteries possess that you must be aware of –


  • The lifespan of AGM batteries is twice as compared to standard acid-flooded batteries.
  • Robust design to survive any challenging weather conditions.
  • Able to handle heavy electrical power load.
  • The battery life cycle is extended due to easy and fast charging.
  • Higher vibration resistance.
  • The acid is not spill-proof and the maintenance cost is quite low.


What are the applications of AGM batteries? 


AGM batteries have multifold uses. Plenty of AGM batteries are purchased by users to get the best results out of their machines.


One of the most crucial aspects of AGM batteries is their capacity to heat all kinds of appliances and run any electrical device smoothly. These batteries are used in cars to support numerous application plug-in features and help them receive an even distribution of electrical power.


If you own fuel-efficient vehicles with maximum utility, AGM batteries would be the best choice for you! They can serve all your power needs without any hassles so that your appliance can run for longer hours without any interruptions at all.


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