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Unleash The Power Of Performance With LEXUS LUBRICANTS

Lexus Lubricants in UAE

The lubricants you use significantly affect your vehicle’s efficiency and lifespan. We are happy to offer our customers an extensive range of LEXUS lubricants at Battery Master UAE because we know how important it is to have suitable lubricants. We have everything you need for your car, whether you need motor oil, brake fluid, grease, or LEXUS Automatic Transmission Oil.




The Lexus collection of engine oils continues the company’s dedication to quality, making it a household brand in both luxury and accuracy. We have a variety of Lexus-approved motor oils formulated to cater to your vehicle’s engine. These engine oils are specially developed for superior performance, protection, and efficiency. Here’s the range of engine oils we carry:


  • LEXUS 5W30 engine oil: This oil is suitable for various current cars and provides excellent protection, even under severe circumstances.
  • LEXUS 5W40 engine oil: This oil can precisely meet the lubricating and frictional needs of high-performance engines.
  • LEXUS 10W40 engine oil: A flexible option that can be used with a wide range of automobiles and offers solid performance and security.
  • LEXUS 0W20 engine oil: Ideal for current automobiles, this oil delivers outstanding cold-start protection and fuel economy.
  • LEXUS 0W40 engine oil: Guarantees top-notch operation even under the most trying circumstances.
  • LEXUS 5W20 engine oil: Provides a good compromise between safety and fuel economy for various cars.
  • LEXUS 20W50 engine oil: A reliable option for high-temperature or high-load engines.


Optimal Performance with LEXUS GEAR OIL


Specialized lubricants are necessary for transmissions, differentials, and gearboxes. Our selection of Lexus gear oils is carefully developed to provide smooth operation and prolonged component life.


  • LEXUS 75W90 gear oil: A flexible alternative for numerous cars, guaranteeing smooth gear changing and excellent protection.
  • LEXUS 80W90 gear oil: Made to be a suitable lubricant for differentials and gearboxes with heavy use.
  • LEXUS 80W140 gear oil: Perfect for demanding tasks due to its superior durability and protection.


Stopping Power with LEXUS BRAKE OIL


Brake fluid is an essential safety component of your vehicle’s braking system. There are two dependable Lexus choices:


  • LEXUS DOT3 brake fluid: This brake fluid may be used in various cars without compromising the effectiveness or safety of the brakes.
  • LEXUS DOT4 brake fluid: This brake fluid was developed specifically for automobiles with more stringent braking system requirements, and it provides unmatched performance in every environment.


The proper oil is essential for the smooth operation of your vehicle’s moving parts. LEXUS grease is specially developed to prevent corrosion, lubricate perfectly, and keep things running smoothly.


Cooling Efficiency with LEXUS COOLANT


Lexus engine coolant is designed to keep things from getting too hot and corroded. It will keep your car’s engine cool even while under heavy load.


Applications of LEXUS LUBRICANTS


You don’t have to drive a Lexus to enjoy the benefits of LEXUS lubricants. They are developed to fulfill the rigorous standards and criteria demanded by various automotive manufacturers. It means that drivers of cars of varying makes and models can put their faith in these lubricants to perform admirably and keep them safe.


LEXUS LUBRICANTS Available at Battery Master

Lexus Lubricants in UAE

If you’re looking for premium Lexus fluids, go no further than Battery Master UAE. Oils, gear oils, brake fluids, grease, and coolants are just some of the many Lexus fluids we carry. We offer all you need to keep your automobile running well, whether you’re a professional technician or a car owner.


Our dedication to quality ensures that you can trust every product you purchase from us. Don’t take chances with the longevity and efficiency of your car; instead, stock up on LEXUS Lubricants from Battery Master UAE. We also offer specialized lubricants such as:


  • LEXUS 10000KM OIL
  • LEXUS 3000KM OIL
  • LEXUS 5000KM OIL
  • LEXUS 15000KM OIL
  • LEXUS 7000KM OIL


Convenient Ordering and Delivery


We appreciate the value of a hassle-free experience. That’s why we offer a streamlined ordering experience, letting you receive the LEXUS LUBRICANTS you need with simplicity. You can count on us to get you the lubricants you need quickly and efficiently.


Elevate Your Vehicle’s Performance with LEXUS LUBRICANTS


At Battery Master UAE, we think every automobile should have top-notch maintenance, and we believe it starts with utilizing high-quality lubricants like Lexus. LEXUS Lubricants are the go-to whether you’re a performance-oriented driver or want to keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible.


If you want to improve your Lexus’s performance and lifespan, use Battery Master UAE as your go-to lubricant supplier. LEXUS Lubricants are the best there are because your car deserves nothing less.