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MOTORCRAFT lubricants in UAE

Battery Master UAE is dedicated to supplying you with a wide variety of premium automotive supplies, and the MOTORCRAFT lubricants premium brand is one of our most cherished offerings. The quality of lubricants utilized can impact the efficacy and dependability of one’s vehicle. We are pleased to provide lubricants from Motorcraft, a renowned brand recognized for its exceptional reputation in the automotive industry.


Why Regular Lubricant Maintenance Matters?


The longevity and efficiency of your vehicle depend on your constant attention to its lubricants. Just as a balanced diet is essential for your health, so too is using suitable lubricants for the life and reliability of your vehicle.


Maintenance costs may be minimal by regularly lubricating moving parts, such as the engine, gearbox, and brakes. MOTORCRAFT lubricants, well-known for their superior engineering and quality, provide a buffer to keep your car performing at its peak.


In addition to extending the life of your car, doing routine lubricant maintenance will help it run more smoothly, use less gas, and perform better. It’s a simple and inexpensive approach to keep your automobile in good shape.



MOTORCRAFT lubricants in UAE

Motorcraft is a brand respected by those in the automobile industry and regular drivers. Motorcraft is a trusted name in the automotive aftermarket, having been there since the early 1900s because of the company’s continuous dedication to quality and performance.


MOTORCRAFT lubricants work well in Ford and Lincoln automobiles since they adhere to Ford’s exact specifications. The following are specific scenarios in which the utilization of these lubricants may be advantageous:


Precision Engineering:


These lubricants result from thorough research and development. Their development considered the requirements of today’s engines, gearboxes, and braking systems, making them highly effective.




Have faith in the dependability of your lubricants with Motorcraft. They can resist the roughest circumstances, ensuring your car works at its best, even in severe temperatures and challenging driving scenarios.




Utilizing MOTORCRAFT lubricants for the regular maintenance of your vehicle has the potential to yield long-term cost savings. Lubricants safeguard the mobile components of your vehicle against the detrimental consequences of friction and wear, prolonging the operational lifespan of your engine, transmission, brakes, and gear system.


Fuel Efficiency:


By lowering friction, lubricants help save money at the pump. These lubricants may help you save money at the gas station and lessen your environmental impact.


Broad Range of Lubricants:


Motorcraft provides an extensive selection of lubricants to meet the demands of various vehicles. You can discover the correct lubricant for your unique requirements, from engine oil to brake fluid and gear oil.


MOTORCRAFT LUBRICANTS Available at Battery Master UAE


We take great pride in providing many MOTORCRAFT lubricants to meet different car requirements. The following is a brief rundown of the lubricants that Battery Master UAE carries:


  • MOTORCRAFT 5W30 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 5W40 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 10W40 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 0W20 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 0W40 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 5W20 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 20W50 engine oil
  • MOTORCRAFT DOT3 brake fluid
  • MOTORCRAFT DOT4 brake fluid
  • MOTORCRAFT 75W90 gear oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 80W90 gear oil
  • MOTORCRAFT 80W140 gear oil


With our wide selection of lubricants, you can quickly locate the ideal oil to maintain the best possible condition for your vehicle.


Expert Advice and Guidance


Not only do we sell premium MOTORCRAFT lubricants at Battery Master UAE, but we also provide professional advice and direction to help you choose the best option for your car. We know that the world of lubricants and vehicle maintenance may be complicated and that having the appropriate knowledge is crucial to making wise choices.


Our team of experienced experts is here to help you choose the best lubricants for the requirements of your particular vehicle. We provide everything you need, including the best engine viscosity, gear oil for specific uses, and brake fluid compatibility.


Your Trusted Source for High-Quality MOTORCRAFT LUBRICANTS


The importance of high-quality lubricants in preserving and improving your car’s performance cannot be stressed. Select Battery Master UAE’s MOTORCRAFT lubricants for unrivaled dependability, performance, and longevity. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best automotive supplies possible so you can keep your car in excellent condition.


Discover the difference with lubricants by stopping by Battery Master UAE right now to look through our wide range of lubricants designed to keep your car operating smoothly and effectively.