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Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Deep Cycle Marine Battery

What are deep cycle marine batteries?


Deep cycle marine batteries are long-lasting. They are designed to discharge slowly over a prolonged period. It provides stable energy and continuous power to the trolling motor over a prolonged time frame. They withstand several hundred charging as well as discharge cycles. It is the right option to power electric trolling motors and other battery-powered accessories. It is a long-lasting option and can be used in your trolling motor. Marine batteries in general are built to withstand vibration and pounding that can occur in a powerboat.


Uses of a deep cycle marine battery



A deep cycle battery is used only where a high amount of discharging and recharging occurs. It is constructed with thick and heavy plates to withstand vibrations and strong impact. It also prevents the battery from overheating. Normal cranking batteries would heat up and malfunction due to their thinner plates. Unlike a cranking battery that gives a fast voltage spike to crank an engine, a deep cycle battery is used to start the motor quickly but it requires a two or three battery system to segregate the engine battery from the accessory or house battery.


Things to consider while charging a battery


  1. Batteries should be kept very carefully when not in use. Batteries may get cracked due to cold temperatures if not used for a longer period.
  1. A Slower cranking speed may signify that the battery is about to be of no use anymore.
  1. If it takes longer for the battery to get charged, chances are that you might have to invest in a new battery.
  1. Use a multi-bank charger so that each battery can be charged separately and this ensures balance and full charging of all the batteries.
  1. Choose lithium batteries instead of lead-acid batteries as they charge more efficiently than lead-acid batteries. This also means that they can be charged faster.
  1. Most marine batteries can be charged with alternators. However, the battery may malfunction in case the alternators are of low quality and have poor voltage regulation. Hence, It is essential to use a compatible high-quality alternator along with an appropriate voltage regulator.


Certain tips to avoid battery problems 


  1. Make sure to secure the battery with an appropriate battery tray. The battery may procure damages if not fastened or secured properly. The base of the tray should be bolted to minimize the movement of the battery.
  2. Check the battery terminals frequently to make sure that they are free of corrosion. Loose nuts should be tightened and if possible nylon locking nuts should be used as they are less likely to come loose.
  3.  Make sure to keep the battery fully charged before sailing if you do not use the boat frequently.
  4. Make sure to completely charge the battery before the onset of the offseason and then disconnect the terminals to minimize the drawing of power.
  5. To ensure the longevity of batteries, keep your batteries on a maintainer or a charger throughout the offseason.
  6. To prevent sparks, acing, or explosion, install a boot or a cover over the top of the positive battery terminal.
  7. Proper care should be taken to keep the batteries charged, and the terminals clean and in prime condition.


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