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Boost Your Car's Efficiency With NISSAN LUBRICANTS


NISSAN lubricants are an essential part of maintaining the health of your Nissan vehicle. Knowing how important it is to maintain your Nissan with top-notch oils, we at Battery Master UAE are pleased to stock various Nissan oils.




Lubrication is necessary to operate your car’s engine, gearbox, and other vital components. By serving as a barrier between the moving parts, they lessen the abrasion brought on by heat and friction. It improves the vehicle’s performance and gas mileage and extends its lifespan.


These lubricants are Nissan-approved lubricants engineered to work in Nissan motor vehicles. Nissan is known for producing durable and dependable cars; its lubricants live up to that reputation. With these lubricants, you can ensure your vehicle receives the most excellent care possible.




NISSAN lubricants are available in a variety of options to meet your requirements. Some of the essential lubricants sold at Battery Master UAE are as follows:




Your Nissan’s engine is its beating heart, so treating it with respect is essential. The engine oils are specially designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. If you need any of the following, we have you covered:


  • Nissan 5W30 engine oil
  • Nissan 5W40 engine oil
  • Nissan 10W40 engine oil
  • Nissan 0W20 engine oil
  • Nissan 0W40 engine oil
  • Nissan 5W20 engine oil
  • Nissan 20W50 engine oil




The correct gear oil is essential for the smooth operation of your vehicle’s gearbox and differential. To preserve the integrity of your Nissan’s transmission, pick from our selection of gear oils. We have the following types of gear oils:


  • Nissan 75W90 gear oil
  • Nissan 80W90 gear oil
  • Nissan 80W140 gear oil




The automatic transmission oil can help maintain the smooth operation of your vehicle’s automatic transmission. Using the correct ATF depends on smooth gear changes and a long transmission life. Here are the various ranges we carry:


  • Nissan 10000KM OIL
  • Nissan 3000KM OIL
  • Nissan 5000KM OIL
  • Nissan 15000KM OIL
  • Nissan 7000KM OIL




The stopping power of your car is dependent on its brakes. Nissan Brake Oils guarantee your brakes respond when you need them most. Here are the various brake oil varieties we carry:


  • Nissan DOT3 brake fluid
  • Nissan DOT4 brake fluid




Avoid premature component failure by regularly lubricating your vehicle’s moving parts. This grease is meant to provide long-lasting lubrication and protection.




Maintaining a cold engine is critical for maximizing its potential and avoiding damage. With the aid of the coolant, you can keep your engine at just the proper temperature for optimal performance.


Lubricants Available at Battery Master



Battery Master UAE is the ultimate vehicle shop for all your needs. In addition to our broad choice of NISSAN lubricants, we also supply several automotive supplies and services, including batteries and other lubricants, to maintain your car in great form. When selecting the appropriate lubricants and other goods, our committed team of professionals is always ready to help.


Experience the Difference with NISSAN LUBRICANTS


When you buy lubricants from Battery Master UAE, you’re making a prudent investment in the longevity and performance of your car. To guarantee our clients’ cars keep running smoothly for many years, we only sell items of the most excellent quality.


Enhance Your Vehicle’s Performance


These lubricants are the best there are because your Nissan deserves nothing less. Choose the lubricants that work best for your car from many motor oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, and more.


Maintain Optimal Engine Health


It is essential to have regular oil changes and use only high-quality lubricants to keep your car running smoothly. When you use NISSAN lubricants, you can be sure your engine is getting the care it needs to perform at its best.


Shop with Confidence at Battery Master UAE


In addition to our other car parts and services, here at Battery Master UAE, we also provide a full line of NISSAN lubricants. Choosing us as your automotive partner means investing in quality, knowledge, and care for your car. Check out the lubricants we provide and see how they may improve the life and functionality of your vehicle.


Make sure to use the lubricant your car needs to run smoothly. When you buy your lubricants from Battery Master UAE, you can be sure they are genuine Nissan products. We provide all the fluids you need, from motor oil to gear oil to transmission fluid to brake oil. Select NISSAN lubricants from Battery Master UAE as the best option for your car.