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The name Global is almost a byword for dependability and longevity in batteries. GLOBAL battery models are made to suit customers’ varied demands worldwide, thanks to their worldwide presence and dedication to innovative technologies. Innovation, performance, and diverse application battery options have made this brand famous.


We proudly provide a wide selection of premium batteries from the world-renowned brand Global at Battery Master UAE. Regarding GLOBAL battery models, you can rely on Battery Master, which provides only the highest quality products.


Types of Batteries


Whatever your battery needs, Battery Master UAE has a wide variety of batteries worldwide to meet them. Take a look at our selection, which comprises:


  • GLOBAL DRY CHARGE BATTERIES: This power source is perfect for applications that demand reliability and never need maintenance.
  • GLOBAL AGM BATTERIES: They are ideal for contemporary automobiles and uses because of the long life and good performance guaranteed by Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) technology.
  • GLOBAL DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES: Electric cars and renewable energy systems can benefit from their deep discharge cycle design.
  • GLOBAL DEEP CYCLE FLOODED BATTERIES: These batteries are ideal for demanding applications due to their combination of deep cycle performance and classic flooded architecture.
  • GLOBAL EFB BATTERIES: Modern automobiles’ start-stop systems are perfect for Enhanced Flooded Batteries because of their higher charge uptake.
  • GLOBAL LEAD ACID BATTERIES: These batteries are renowned for their exceptional performance and dependability, making them a cost-effective and versatile choice for various applications.
  • GLOBAL MAINTENANCE FREE BATTERIES: Enjoy worry-free operation with batteries that need little maintenance with GLOBAL MF batteries.
  • GLOBAL VRLA BATTERIES: Valve-regulated lead acid batteries’ maintenance-free and spill-proof architecture makes them appropriate for various applications.
  • GLOBAL GEL BATTERIES: Because of the gel technology’s increased durability and dependability, they are ideal for use with delicate electrical devices and more.


Types of GLOBAL BATTERY models Available at Battery Master


Explore our wide range of Global batteries designed to fulfill the power requirements of many applications:


  • GLOBAL TRUCK BATTERIES: These powerful and dependable batteries can benefit commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.
  • GLOBAL CAR BATTERIES: Our selection of high-performance, long-lasting Global vehicle batteries guarantees a consistent start every time.
  • GLOBAL BUS BATTERIES: Large commercial trucks and buses require heavy-duty batteries to ensure effective operation.
  • GLOBAL GENERATOR BATTERIES: Reliable generator power solutions guaranteeing uninterrupted power during emergencies.
  • GLOBAL MARINE BATTERIES: Reliable electricity for boats and vessels is provided by marine-grade batteries, which are intended to endure the demands of marine conditions.
  • GLOBAL GOLF CART BATTERIES: Our high-performance golf cart batteries ensure your cart runs smoothly.
  • GLOBAL BOAT BATTERIES: Trustworthy power options for a wide range of boats so that you may enjoy the water without any worries.
  • GLOBAL BIKE BATTERIES: Motorbike batteries are designed for peak performance, with dependable starting and continuous power.
  • GLOBAL FORKLIFT BATTERIES: Strong batteries are engineered to fulfill industrial machinery needs like forklifts.
  • GLOBAL JETSKI BATTERIES: Our reliable jet ski batteries will ensure your water pleasure never ends.
  • GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL BATTERIES: Designed for industrial use, these sturdy batteries provide the juice your business needs to run smoothly.
  • GLOBAL HEAVY EQUIPMENT BATTERIES: Agricultural and construction machinery powered by heavy-duty batteries that keep going even when the going gets tough.
  • GLOBAL HEAVY DUTY BATTERIES: Strong, long-lasting batteries that can handle demanding jobs come with a large capacity.


Power of Batteries Available at Battery Master


Optimal performance in many applications depends on choosing the correct power source. At Battery Master, we have various GLOBAL battery models to suit every power need.


  • L-875 GLOBAL BATTERY: The L-875 battery promises constant performance across various uses thanks to its sturdy construction and dependable power delivery.
  • L-105 GLOBAL BATTERY: The L-105 battery is trustworthy and well-known for its longevity; it provides the power required in harsh conditions.
  • L-1275 GLOBAL BATTERY: The high-capacity performance and long-lasting engineering of the L-1275 battery make it perfect for uses that demand continuous power.
  • GLOBAL 2V BATTERY: The 2V battery is ideal for harsh environments since it delivers consistent power and is built for heavy-duty applications.
  • GLOBAL 6V BATTERY: Because of its small size and high power density, the 6V battery is ideal for use in limited space without sacrificing functionality.
  • GLOBAL 8V BATTERY: A multipurpose option for applications requiring a specified voltage, the 8V battery balances power and efficiency.
  • GLOBAL 9V BATTERY: The 9V battery is a practical and space-saving option that consistently powers a wide range of electrical devices for long periods.
  • GLOBAL 12V BATTERY: The 12V battery provides a reliable and efficient power source, making it an adaptable option for various vehicles and equipment.
  • GLOBAL 24V BATTERY: Applications requiring enhanced power output are ideal for the 24V battery due to its higher voltage capabilities.
  • GLOBAL 48V BATTERY: The 48V battery’s increased voltage capacity makes it the best choice for demanding applications that need a lot of juice.


If you’re looking for top-notch battery solutions from Global, go no further than Battery Master UAE. Dependable performance, unparalleled durability, and various choices to suit your specific needs—that’s what you can expect from us. For all your battery requirements, go no farther than Battery Master UAE and experience the power of a GLOBAL battery!