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N150 Battery



We at Battery Master UAE know that many sectors rely on consistent power. To address the wide range of energy demands exhibited by trucks, buses, generators, starters, heavy-duty equipment, industrial gear, and forklifts, we are pleased to offer our N150 BATTERY series. Our N150 batteries are designed to provide exceptional performance in various environments, including on the go, at work, or in the middle of manufacturing.


Unraveling the Versatility: Types of N150 Batteries




Leave no stone unturned with the help of our Truck Battery. This battery is designed to endure long hauls and large loads so your vehicle can keep going and provide you with its best performance when you need it.




Regarding public transportation, our Bus Battery is designed to meet the ever-changing demands. This long-lasting battery guarantees bus riders will get where they’re going without a hitch, thanks to its sturdy build and reliable performance.




Backup power is an essential function of generators, and our Generator N150 BATTERY is engineered to perform very well in this critical duty. Have faith in its dependable performance to maintain electricity during power outages and to back up essential activities of different environments.




You can trust the Starter Battery to get your engine started. Thanks to its robust engineering, this battery will start quickly and reliably, even in extreme environments. Set your worries about restarting the engine and welcome the smooth ignition experience.




Our Heavy Duty Battery can handle the most demanding tasks and heavy machinery. This battery is built to withstand harsh conditions and tough jobs thanks to its sturdy construction and long lifespan.




Our Industrial Battery meets the demanding standards of dependability in the industry. This industrial-grade battery is precisely engineered to satisfy the power demands of heavy machinery, so you can be confident that your operations will run smoothly and efficiently.




Many businesses rely on efficient material handling, and our Forklift Battery is designed to make your forklifts work better. This long-lasting battery ensures that your forklifts continue to operate, simplifying your material handling procedures.


Diverse Choices, Unmatched Performance: The N150 BATTERY Lineup


We proudly provide our wide selection of N150 batteries at Battery Master UAE. Among our offerings are:




With our N150 MF BATTERY range, you can say goodbye to the hassles associated with maintenance. With these batteries, you can power your cars and equipment without lifting a finger since they mix top-notch performance with the simplicity of minimal upkeep.




A multipurpose powerhouse, the 12V N150 BATTERY has many potential uses. Whether you’re powering a car or industrial machinery, this battery will keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.




Our 150AH BATTERY can easily handle power-hungry applications because of its generous 150AH capacity. This battery will keep going strong no matter where your work takes you—on the go or in the field.


N150 12V 150AH 1100CCA BATTERY:


It could be challenging to get an engine started in chilly weather. No matter how cold it gets, you can count on the 12V 150AH 1100CCA Battery to provide you with the cold-cranking amps you need for dependable starts.


N150 12V 150AH 1000CCA BATTERY:


Our 12V 150AH 1000CCA N150 BATTERY consistently delivers dependable performance in various environments, which is crucial. This battery will keep going no matter what the conditions are.


N150 12V 150AH 950CCA BATTERY:


The 12V 150AH 950CCA Battery is particularly well-suited for uses that need absolute dependability. You can rely on its reliable power production to keep your equipment running smoothly, no matter how tough the conditions get.


N150 12V 150AH 900CCA BATTERY:


Despite extreme conditions, the 12V 150AH 900CCA Battery maintains its performance. This battery is built to last, giving you the power to conquer any challenge.


N150 12V 150AH 850CCA BATTERY:


Our 12V 150AH 850CCA N150 BATTERY is known for its dependability. Your cars and equipment will run efficiently thanks to their reliable performance in meeting their energy needs.


N150 12V 150AH MF BATTERY:


With our 12V 150AH MF Battery, you get the power you need without the hassle of regular maintenance. Effortlessly enjoy the powerful performance without any trouble.


Why Choose Us?


Our N150 BATTERY series exemplifies our dedication to quality, dependability, and customer happiness, and Battery Master UAE is a shining example of our commitment to excellence in the battery industry. We enable businesses and people to confidently satisfy their energy demands with our wide range of alternatives. Designed to improve your vehicles’ and equipment’s efficiency and performance, our batteries are more than just power sources.


Differentiating us from the competition is our steadfast commitment to providing first-rate items supported by outstanding customer service. To ensure our batteries live up to and surpass your expectations, we emphasize their durability and dependability here at Battery Master UAE. If you are looking for a company that will power your success with a combination of state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled performance, and dedication, go no further than Battery Master UAE. Power meets accuracy, and dependability meets quality in our N150 BATTERY range. See for yourself what all the fuss is about.