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We appreciate you visiting Battery Master UAE website, the number one Lexus Car Battery supplier. We have a wide variety of battery options available, including MF, EFB, Lead Acid, and AGM batteries, and we are familiar with the specific needs of Lexus automobiles. You have come to the correct spot if your Lexus needs a new battery or you are looking for a particular type of battery.


How do you know if your Lexus needs a new battery?


Though your Lexus was built to give you a pleasurable and trouble-free driving experience, even the best-maintained cars eventually have battery problems. Consider replacing your CAR BATTERY LEXUS if you notice any of these issues:


  • Slow Engine Crank: An engine that takes longer than average to crank or start might detect a dying battery.
  • Warning Lights: If the battery in your modern Lexus isn’t working as expected, a warning light may appear on the instrument panel.
  • Dimming Lights: Warning signs of a dying Lexus Car Battery include dimming headlights and interior lighting.
  • Electrical Issues: If the battery dies, the car’s electrical features, such as the power windows and the radio, may stop working correctly.
  • Corrosion or Swelling: Corrosion on the terminals or an enlarged battery container are two physical indicators for replacing a battery.
  • Age of the Battery: The average life expectancy of a Lexus Car Battery is between three and five years. Even if your battery still functions, replacing it before it reaches this age is best.

Types of Lexus Car Batteries:


At Battery Master UAE, we have a wide selection of Lexus vehicle batteries to meet your requirements. Some of the possibilities are as follows:




Batteries that are “maintenance-free” (MF) require almost little upkeep and are highly reliable. Their convenient service makes them a top pick for Lexus owners.




The superior cycling characteristics of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) make them the best choice for cars with high electrical demands.




Lead acid batteries’ longevity and low cost make them a standard option for Lexus vehicles.




You need a cutting-edge Lexus Car Battery in a high-performance Lexus like an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) version. They can withstand harsh circumstances and provide exceptional power.


Types of Lexus Car Batteries by model:


Lexus automobile batteries are available in various models from Battery Master UAE. No matter what model of Lexus you drive, we have a LEXUS BATTERY UAE that will work well for your vehicle.


  • LEXUS LX600 BATTERY: The Lexus LX600 is a high-end SUV that should have a high-quality battery to match its status. Every time you turn the key, our batteries will get you going.
  • LEXUS LX570 BATTERY: A sturdy battery that can keep up with the Lexus LX570’s performance demands is a need for this rugged and beautiful SUV. That’s precisely what our battery packs do.
  • LEXUS RX350 BATTERY: The reliable performance of the Lexus RX350 demands a battery that can keep up with it. Our batteries will ensure a trouble-free trip.
  • LEXUS IS250 Battery: The quick and agile Lexus IS250 needs a Lexus Car Battery to keep up with it. Our batteries supply the power where required.
  • LEXUS LX450 Battery: The Lexus LX450 is a robust vehicle that requires a similarly demanding battery. Our power packs can handle everything you throw at them.
  • LEXUS GX460 Battery: Our batteries keep you going strong no matter where your Lexus GX460 takes you, on or off the beaten path.
  • LEXUS GS350 Battery: Our BATTERY LEXUS is tailor-made for the Lexus GS350, a premium automobile that excels in design and function.
  • LEXUS LS430 Battery: When you trust our batteries for your Lexus LS430, you can count on a dependable and relaxing drive whenever you fire up the engine.
  • LEXUS ES350 Battery: Lexus’s ES350 midsize vehicle combines style and performance, and our batteries help it run smoothly.
  • LEXUS IS300 Battery: Because of its agile body form, the Lexus IS300 calls for a Lexus Car Battery that can keep up. The capacity of our batteries is sufficient.
  • LEXUS NX350 Battery: Being a luxury compact SUV, the Lexus NX350 requires a robust and dependable battery. Therefore, our batteries are just what you need.

Why choose Battery Master for Lexus Batteries?

If you need a new BATTERY LEXUS CAR, go no further than Battery Master UAE. There are several excellent reasons to pick us:


lexus car battery


  • You may choose a Lexus battery from our large variety compatible with your vehicle.
  • With one of our premium batteries, you can be confident that your Lexus will perform to its full potential because they are all made by the original manufacturer.
  • We sell affordable, premium Lexus Car Battery so you get the most for your money.

Contact us now and ensure your Lexus is continuously operating at its best.