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Amaron batteries: the best-in-class automotive batteries

Amaron battery

Car battery technology has advanced a lot in the past years. From the traditional lead-acid battery to the lithium-ion and electric rechargeable batteries, so many new forms have been released into the market that one can easily become perplexed. But after scouting through different batteries, we concluded the Amaron battery in UAE to be the best for automobiles.


At Battery Master UAE, we not only have stocked a versatile range of Amaron batteries but also ensure the products are authentic and high-performing. We are a licensed distributor and supplier of car batteries from this brand in Dubai and other areas of the UAE. So, if you are looking for the best Amaron batteries for your cars, do not delay and give us a call. Our experts will reach out to you in no time!


Why should you choose the Amaron car batteries in UAE?

Ober the years, the Amaron battery in UAE has become quite famous, thanks to some of the best features that one cannot find anywhere else. Following are some reasons why Battery Master UAE values this brand so much.


Minimal battery maintenance

One of the significant reasons we at Battery Master UAE prefer the Amaron brand is their requirement for maintenance. Unlike open-cover batteries, where one needs to replace the electricity very often, the Amaron batteries are much better. Though cleanliness is required to prevent dust and debris accumulation, the maintenance requirements are a little.


Long lifetime

If the car battery is short-lived, people will have more trouble with their hands. Not only do they need to replace the batteries now and then, but the efficiency and performance will be compromised. But with Amaron batteries, there won’t be such problems. The brand has ensured all of the automotive batteries are long-lasting, but not at the sacrifice of efficiency and performance.


Higher cranking power

Every automotive battery comes with a CCA rating. CCA or Cold Cranking Ampere is a numerical rating based on which one can determine how much effort the battery needs to put into starting the engine after being unused in freezing or cold conditions for a long time. The Amaron batteries in UAE have a higher CCA rating, meaning one won’t have to put too much effort into starting the engine even if it is not used for a long time.


Higher reserve capacity

Reserve Capacity or RC rating determines the total time the battery can power the engine when the alternator fails before it starts discharging. RC is determined only when the battery has full power. If the battery has a lower RC rating, it will start discharging earlier than expected. But Amaron batteries are known for their higher reserve capacity rating. Owing to this, it discharges slowly and continues to power up the engine when the alternator is non-functional.


Why choose Battery Mastery UAE for Amaron car batteries?


If you are concerned about getting Amaron batteries in UAE, do not worry much. We at Battery Master UAE will help you find the right one for your car. We are a licensed supplier of Amaron batteries, ensuring all the products going out of our showroom are original and authentic. We also offer battery repair and replacement services for the Amaron brands to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

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