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Bike Battery in Dubai

Bike Battery in Dubai

What is a bike battery?


To put it simply, a bike battery or a motorcycle battery is considered the heart of the vehicle. It is used for the retention of electrical energy. This is accomplished by the reversible reaction between lead and acid. Moreover, sulphuric acid and distilled water (Electrolyte or battery acid) are used as a conductor between the electrolyte and the lead in the battery. This battery-acid generates an electrical charge and the energy generated from this reaction is stored in the battery. Therefore, a bike battery is a storage device that stores electrical energy.


What are the different types of bike batteries?


Bike batteries are classified into three types. The necessary details and the differences between them are given below:


  1. Wet Cell Batteries


 They are also known as conventional batteries Lead-acid batteries or flooded cell batteries. The batteries are held in the electrolytes in the liquid acid. This type of battery is highly explosive and toxic and should be handled with care. They give off hydrogen gas while charging or discharging which is harmful. They can be easily identified by a row of plastic stoppers on the top where either 3 stoppers in a 6-volt battery or 6 stoppers in a 12-volt battery are present. They have an opaque or white plastic lower casing and have lower and higher battery acid levels. It is necessary to check the batteries frequently and top them up with distilled water.


  1. Dry Cell Batteries


They are also known as maintenance-free batteries or sealed batteries. These batteries require no topping or monitoring once the batteries are filled up with acid and the cap is sealed. These cells have a stopper placed at the top and are available in cases of black, blue, or grey. These batteries operate under pressure which allows the recombination of hydrogen and oxygen produced during the charging back of the water. The electrolytes are stored in the form of low moisture paste.


  1. Gel Motorcycle Batteries


They are also known as gel acid batteries or gel-filled batteries. They are always observed in the black, blue, or grey casing along with a black, blue, or grey top. This type of battery is mainly used in bikes where the battery has to be laid on its side or at an angle to prevent the movement of the acid around. Tipping isn’t required in this type of battery as the batteries are filled with a gel state acid and are sealed during the process of manufacturing. They operate under pressure therefore the recombination of oxygen and hydrogen is produced during the charging of water. The electrolytes in this type of battery are encased in a gelling agent. These are hermetically sealed and therefore cannot be refilled again. Thus, It isn’t necessary to check the acid level by removing the top.


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