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UPS Battery in Dubai

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What is a UPS battery?


The full form of UPS is an Uninterruptible power supply. This component of a system allows instant battery backup in the event of a power failure. Therefore the battery of this component helps in an extended supply of power to the system. It allows the safe and orderly shutdown of a system. This prevents the system from malfunctioning and losing essential data. This component is used extensively in the areas of surveillance, medical, and defense purposes as well as for emergency support systems.


How does a UPS battery function?


If your facility loses power due to an outage or a voltage imbalance, a UPS battery system acts as a barrier between the main power source and the backup power. It takes a generator several minutes to react to the loss of the main power and this is where a UPS battery system acts. It provides power to the system until the generator or the main power comes back on or it allows the user with enough time to safely switch off the system or save/record essential data taken during that time. This prevents the loss of essential and crucial data and the malfunctioning of the components within a system. The system runs on the main power once the main power comes back on. However please keep in mind that your UPS battery won’t be able to sustain prolonged use of the UPS battery. This means that it cannot power the system on its own or act as a permanent backup for your power source. It is also essential that you keep your UPS battery fully charged for optimum use. Other functions of the UPS battery are:-


  1. A UPS battery system is very sensitive to fluctuations. Therefore it responds almost immediately to any changes in the power supply.
  1. In areas where the power supply is imbalanced, a UPS provides extra power to the system to keep the power supply within the system — stable.


What are the advantages of using a UPS battery for your system?


There are several advantages of using a UPS battery and they are discussed below:-


  1. It protects your system from power outages and voltage imbalances. It provides you with enough time to turn off your system to avoid malfunctions.
  1. A UPS battery acts as a filter to protect your devices from an inconsistent supply of electricity. A UPS battery provides your system with a steady supply of power. This helps your system function properly and without any power interruptions.
  1. It protects your data during power outages. The time that a UPS battery provides during an outage can be utilized to save essential data and this helps in the preservation of data during outages.
  1. It helps in conserving time because the time that is needed to redo work is pretty much non-existent for a system that is supported by a UPS battery. No time is lost as the UPS battery system provides you with enough time to save your work.
  1. It keeps your mind at ease as a UPS battery system assures that your data gets saved in time. It also saves your devices from malfunctioning and provides your system with a battery backup until the main power comes back.


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