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What is a Traction Battery?


 Traction batteries are mostly used as power sources in vehicles, locomotives, forklift trucks and mechanical handling equipment for electric propulsion. It consists of various packs of cells including the 2,4,6,8 and 12-volt cells. A battery discharge test is carried out in order to determine the battery capacity. A discharge test from full charged 1.7 volts per cell over a period of 5 hours is done in order to determine the battery capacity. They are also known as electric vehicle batteries (EVB)


How does A Traction Battery work?


A traction battery doesn’t rely on mechanical power or any system with moving gears. Electricity is delivered to the motor through the battery pack and specifically with the help of a controller. This creates a magnetic force that rotates the wheels. This system requires fewer moving parts and can generate more torque than a gas-powered vehicle. The power generated by the battery is sent directly to the wheels and this allows acceleration almost instantly.


What are the key parameters that determine the quality of a battery?


There are mainly 10 key parameters that determine the quality of a battery. They are namely voltage, capacity, permissible discharge depth, period of service years, range of working temperatures, self-discharge, charge current, dimensions, and weight. The most essential features are discussed below:


  1. Voltage
     Voltage is the main parameter that determines the choice of the unit. As mentioned above, the most common options are 2,4,6,8 and 12 volts. Several 12-volt batteries are connected in order to obtain a battery with a high voltage.
  1. Capacity
    The amount of energy that a battery can save is known as capacity. It ranges from 0.6 to 4000MAh. The battery capacity gradually decreases as the current consumption increases. It is to be kept in mind that wearing of batteries, in the long run, is to be expected as heavy use and deep discharge of the battery is carried out.
  1. Permissible discharge depth
    This depends on the permissible as well as the recommended discharge percentage for the battery type. For AGM VRLA and GEL VRLA, the recommended discharge % is 50 whereas permissible discharge is 80% and 90% consequently. It varies for different types of batteries and is an extremely important factor to be considered.
  1. Lifetime or viability
    The viability of batteries depends on the operating mode and discharge characteristics. Environmental conditions and excessive use can cause changes in the discharge cycles. In the event that the battery has been discharged several times, the battery may malfunction.
  1. Self-discharge
    This parameter determines the energy lost to discharge due to inadequate use. With the external temperatures, the self-discharge percentage will increase.
  1. Weight and dimension
    Weight and dimensions are general indicators of capacity. Typically, heavier batteries have a higher percentage of lead and this signifies higher cyclic life and longer service life. However, it is best if consultation is done before buying a certain battery.


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