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Thank you for visiting Battery Master UAE website, your number-one supplier for genuine Infinity Car Battery. Your car’s longevity and overall health depend on a robust battery. That is why we are so happy to provide an extensive range of Infinity vehicle batteries, each designed to meet an Infinity model’s needs. Original Infinity batteries are the only ones that can keep your Infinity running for long distances.


Why choose original Infinity Car Batteries?


If you own an Infinity, you deserve nothing but the finest for your car. Nothing beats an original CAR BATTERY INFINITY for keeping your automobile in tip-top shape.


Optimal Performance


Only the original Infinity battery meets your vehicle’s electrical needs. Your car will always start quickly and operate smoothly, thanks to its pinpoint compatibility.




Investing in the long-term health of your automobile is what an original Infinity Car Battery does. Because of their lengthy lifespan, these batteries will give you consistent power for a very long period.


Quality Assurance


Regarding quality, Infinity batteries are no exception to the rule. Each authentic battery has passed the most stringent quality assurance tests.


Warranty Protection


The warranty with an original BATTERY TOYOTA INFINITY might cover most problems with your car’s electrical system. The fact that the company is willing to stand behind its wares with such lengthy guarantees speaks volumes.


Better Protection


When it comes to automotive batteries, safety is of the utmost importance. The original Infinity Car Battery has safeguards to prevent leakage and other accidents.


Types Of Infinity Car Batteries


At Battery Master UAE, we have an extensive inventory of genuine Infinity batteries for various Infinity automobiles. Here are a few examples of the many kinds:


  • MF BATTERY INFINITY: Battery life may be extended, and performance maintained using maintenance-free (MF) batteries. Many Infinity models use them, and it’s easy to see why.
  • EFB BATTERY INFINITY: Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology is ideally suited for the sophisticated electrical systems in Infinity cars due to its increased longevity and performance.
  • LEAD ACID BATTERY INFINITY: Conventional lead-acid batteries are a low-price, high-quality option. They provide dependable service for various Infinity designs.
  • INFINITY AGM BATTERY: The Infinity you drive deserves the superior performance and consistent power of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries.

Various Infinity Car Battery models offered by us:

We’re aware that various Infinity models have varying battery life expectations. That’s why we have a wide selection of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Infinity car batteries in stock. Some examples of the Infinity vehicle batteries we stock are as follows:


Infinity car battery


  • INFINITY CAR Q50 BATTERY: The Q50 requires a high-performance battery, and we’re proud to say that our original Infinity batteries can provide them.
  • INFINITY CAR QX60 BATTERY: Maintain peak performance with a high-quality battery that can keep up with the energy needs of your QX60.
  • INFINITY CAR QX50 BATTERY: Invest in a genuine BATTERY INFINITY for your QX50 to ensure its continued dependability.
  • INFINITY CAR QX80 BATTERY: Our Infinity batteries are equal to the challenge of powering the formidable QX80.
  • INFINITY CAR Q70 BATTERY: Our genuine Infinity batteries are up to powering your Q70, which deserves nothing less than the best.
  • INFINITY CAR QX70 BATTERY: Get the most out of your QX70 using an Infinity battery engineered to satisfy its specific power requirements.
  • INFINITY CAR Q60 BATTERY: Our genuine Infinity batteries keep your Q60 running at peak performance so you can focus on fashion and function.
  • INFINITY CAR FX35 BATTERY: A high-quality Infinity battery fit for the FX35 is essential to maintaining peak performance.

Choosing the correct Infinity Car Battery


If you want your car to run smoothly and last long, you must get the correct Infinity battery. At Battery Master UAE, we have specialists to help you decide which option is ideal. When deciding on a suitable Infinity Car Battery, keep the following in mind:


  • Power requirements might differ across Infinity models. Choose a battery that fits your model’s specifications.
  • Based on your vehicle’s needs and your preferred method of upkeep, pick from Infinity’s wide selection of battery types, including MF, EFB, Lead Acid, and AGM.
  • You need to get a battery that fits your car and is compatible with its electrical system.
  • Choose an authentic Infinity battery to use the manufacturer’s warranty and quality assurance.

If you need a new Infinity Car Battery, go no further than Battery Master UAE. Our goal is your complete satisfaction; to that end, we provide only the highest quality goods, advice, and service. Battery Master UAE is the place for genuine Infinity batteries.