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Mopar Lubricants


Mopar lubricants

If you are looking for a reliable partner in automotive excellence, go no further than Battery Master UAE. Battery Master is aware of how critical premium lubricants are to engine performance. As a result, we are happy to offer the exceptional line of MOPAR LUBRICANTS, a brand that has become synonymous with quality, durability, and precision.


Unleash the Power of MOPAR LUBRICANTS




Engine oils are the best choice available when it comes to engine oils. Because of their unique formulas, these engine lubricants offer superior protection, increased fuel efficiency, and longer engine life. We provide a wide variety of motor oils to suit a variety of engines and road conditions, including the high-performance MOPAR 0W40 and the reliable MOPAR 20W50.




Use Gear Oils to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Experience the optimal lubrication for your vehicle’s transmission system with our precision-engineered MOPAR 75W90 or durable 80W140 gear oils. Say goodbye to friction and hello to reduced wear and tear.




Specialized maintenance is required for automatic transmissions, and that is what Automatic Transmission Oils provide. Thanks to their sophisticated additives and exceptional thermal stability, you can confidently handle the highways with these lubricants, guarantee fluid shifting and dependable performance.




These brake oils prioritize safety and are designed to meet the highest requirements. With our range of brake fluids, including the reliable MOPAR DOT3 and the high-performance MOPAR DOT4, you can be sure that your braking system will work at its peak on every road trip.




Using grease will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and without friction. Our grease is designed to endure high temperatures and heavy loads. It keeps your vehicle’s essential parts lubricated, which improves performance and extends their lifespan.




Optimal engine temperature maintenance is achieved using coolants. Our coolants are designed to keep your engine running effectively, no matter the conditions, by preventing overheating and offering corrosion protection.


The Battery Master MOPAR LUBRICANTS Selection

Mopar lubricants

Battery Master takes excellent satisfaction in stocking a wide variety of MOPAR LUBRICANTS to meet the specific demands of each vehicle. Our lineup consists of:


Engine Oils


If you want the best for your engine, you need Engine Oil. Among our offerings are:


  • MOPAR 5W30 engine oil: Perfect for contemporary engines, offering superior protection while maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • MOPAR 5W40 engine oil: Protects your engine from wear and tear by providing optimal lubrication even under extreme conditions.
  • MOPAR 10W40 engine oil: Maintains a consistent viscosity throughout a broad temperature range, protecting the engine’s life.
  • MOPAR 0W20 engine oil: It provides outstanding protection during cold starts and fuel economy, especially in colder locations.
  • MOPAR 0W40 engine oil: Crafted specifically for high-performance cars, they offer unmatched protection even in the most punishing environments.
  • MOPAR 5W20 engine oil: Maintains optimal engine lubrication and keeps it running longer.
  • MOPAR 20W50 engine oil: Great for older engines since it provides strong protection and keeps them from wearing down.


Gear Oils


Three varieties of Gear Oil are available for improved longevity and seamless gear transitions:


  • MOPAR 75W90 gear oil: It works wonderfully with manual gearboxes and differentials, keeping everything running smoothly even when the load is considerable.
  • MOPAR 80W90 gear oil: Gives your gears more life by preventing wear and providing outstanding thermal stability.
  • MOPAR 80W140 gear oil: Uniquely designed to withstand the most punishing environments, this product is ideal for use in demanding environments.


Brake Fluids


Here are the various brake fluid selections we carry:


  • MOPAR DOT3 brake fluid: Reliable braking fluid for frequent vehicle use.
  • MOPAR DOT4 brake fluid: Exceptional braking fluid for extreme conditions.


Specialized Oils


Here are the various specialized oil selections we carry:


  • MOPAR 10000KM OIL: Crafted with longer service intervals in mind, this product guarantees reliable performance for a long time.
  • MOPAR 3000KM OIL: This product is designed to withstand the rigors of regular stop-and-go traffic, making it ideal for cars that don’t receive regular maintenance.
  • MOPAR 5000KM OIL: Get the best of both worlds with this multipurpose oil: short service intervals and extended ones.
  • MOPAR 15000KM OIL: Perfectly suited to safeguard your engine if your vehicle has moderate service intervals.
  • MOPAR 7000KM OIL: Designed to offer optimal protection and performance for regular servicing cars.


Why Choose MOPAR LUBRICANTS from Battery Master?


Produced following the strictest guidelines, MOPAR LUBRICANTS are known for superior quality and functionality. Our wide variety of MOPAR LUBRICANTS meets all of your vehicle lubricating needs. Take your vehicle to the next level with Battery Master’s Lubricants for Mopars. Have faith in accuracy, depend on dependability – drive with assurance.