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Battery Master UAE is your go-to dealer for high-quality Ford automobile batteries. Getting the appropriate Ford car battery for your car is essential for optimal performance. MF, EFB, Lead Acid, and AGM batteries are just some of the Ford automobile batteries that we have. Let us look at these possibilities and see which works best with various Ford models.


Types of Ford Car Batteries



Because of their low upkeep and high power output, maintenance-free (MF) batteries are a popular choice. If you own a Ford and are looking for a simple way to keep your car operating, these batteries are what you need.



The Enhanced Flooded battery Ford (EFB) is a cutting-edge technology that provides superior functionality and extended battery life. It provides the required power for Ford cars equipped with start-stop technology, making it a great option.



Traditional Lead Acid batteries are inexpensive and trustworthy. It’s an excellent choice for thrifty shoppers because it’s compatible with a wide range of Ford vehicles and provides a stable power supply.



Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries exemplify the state of the art. These batteries work wonderfully with the high-tech electrical systems of today’s Ford automobiles. They have a well-deserved reputation for sturdiness and excellence in performance.


Ford Car Battery Selection for Your Model




Battery Master UAE is aware that no two Ford vehicles are identical. The Ford car battery is model-specific, and we have a wide selection to meet your needs. Some common Fords and the batteries they use are listed below.


  • FORD RANGER CAR BATTERY: The Ford Ranger is a hard worker, and we have batteries that can keep up with its high-performance standards.
  • FORD BRONCO CAR BATTERY: The Ford Bronco, with its fearless attitude, requires a powerful enough battery to match its off-road prowess.
  • FORD MUSTANG CAR BATTERY: The legendary Ford Mustang needs a battery that can keep up with its high-performance reputation.
  • FORD EDGE CAR BATTERY: We offer batteries that go well with the Ford Edge’s lively personality, which is all about fusing style and substance.
  • FORD EXPLORER CAR BATTERY: The Ford Explorer’s adaptability and utility necessitate a robust and dependable battery Toyota Ford.
  • FORD EXPEDITION CAR BATTERY: With all the family-friendly amenities in the Ford Expedition, you’ll want a battery that can keep up.
  • FORD F150 CAR BATTERY: The Ford F150 symbolises strength and durability, so its battery has to be up to the task.
  • FORD ESCAPE CAR BATTERY: The tiny yet competent Ford Escape requires a car battery Ford that strikes a good balance between power and economy.
  • FORD ECOSPORT CAR BATTERY: Our batteries are tailor-made for the Ford EcoSport, developed with city life in mind.
  • FORD FOCUS CAR BATTERY: Our batteries keep the Ford Focus running smoothly and reliably, adding to the car’s already well-known utility.
  • FORD FIGO CAR BATTERY: The Ford Figo, with its low price and widespread popularity, should have a power source to match.


Why Choose Battery Master for Your Ford Car Battery?


Battery Master UAE has been servicing the local market for many years; they are experts in the field. We have extensive knowledge of Ford cars and can advise which Ford car battery is best for you.


  • You can rest assured that your Ford will be equipped with a high-quality battery because we only stock products from trusted brands.
  • All Ford vehicles may find a suitable Ford car battery from our extensive inventory. There will be no sacrifice in comfort or functionality.
  • Battery Master UAE offers competitive prices within the market while maintaining a commitment to quality. The desire to maximize the value of one’s financial resources is both understandable and commendable. We acknowledge and appreciate this objective.
  • Should you have any inquiries or concerns about batteries, our dedicated personnel will gladly address them and assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.
  • Our shipping services are prompt and dependable, leading to minor to no downtime.
  • Safe and environmentally sound disposal is a priority for Battery Master UAE. To encourage proper Ford car battery management, we provide eco-friendly options for discarding old batteries.


We at Battery Master UAE want what’s best for your Ford car. You can rely on us to take your Ford to new heights thanks to our extensive stock of high-quality Ford car batteries and our dedication to superior customer care. No matter what kind of Ford you drive—a Ranger, Mustang, Explorer, or something else—Battery Master UAE has the appropriate Ford car battery for you.