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7 Things That Can Drain Your Car Battery

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Similar to tires, the car battery is one of the most essential components of a vehicle. It provides electricity to the whole vehicle. If the battery is dead, you will be unable to start the car. Regardless of the quality of the brand, a significant number of customers report that their vehicle battery dies prematurely. Infuriating as it can be, they are oblivious to the fact that they are responsible for it. How? This is exactly what we aim to cover in this blog article.

Things That Drain Your Car Battery


Automobile batteries are not designed to endure severe cold or heat. Thus, as temperatures rise or drop, the battery’s performance will decrease. Extreme temperatures can lead to the formation of lead sulfate crystals, which accelerates battery discharge and shortens its lifespan. The best course of action is to restrict lengthy journeys and maintain the vehicle correctly.


If the engine is running, the infotainment system can be used. However, if the engine is turned off and you are listening to the radio or viewing a movie, the battery will be swiftly depleted. When the engine is turned off, the alternator is not charging the battery. Therefore, restrict the usage of the infotainment system, interior lighting, and other devices while the engine is not running. We also do not advocate charging your mobile devices or laptops with the engine off.


If your vehicle is old, it can have electrical faults that prevent the battery from charging or rapidly deplete it. The only way to know for certain is to drive to the closest repair shop and request a comprehensive electrical inspection. It will identify the issue.


If your alternator is not producing sufficient power to the battery, it can die or deplete much more quickly. Therefore, if you notice that your battery is depleting faster than normal, it is time to take your vehicle to the repair shop. If that is not possible, you might use the mobile mechanic service provided by Battery Master. We will quickly identify and remedy the issue.


The leading cause of a quickly drained automobile battery is leaving the headlights on by mistake. The headlights of modern automobiles switch off automatically after a certain period of time. If your vehicle lacks this function, check the headlights before parking. Not only would leaving the headlights on depleting the battery, but it might also damage its longevity.

SHORT TRIPS We just said that you should only use your automobile for extended excursions. Why? Too many short excursions hinder the vehicle’s battery from charging.  Consequently, you will face battery draining issues, and it can take longer to start the car in the morning.

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If you are encountering issues with your battery, you should inspect the terminals. If the terminals are rusted, the battery will not charge properly. If you are unable to clean the terminals yourself, you might contact a local workshop to do it for you. The terminals can be loose if they are not rusted. Consider tightening them. Please ensure that the car is totally off prior to cleaning or tightening.

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