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What Are the Types of Lubricants Used in Automobiles?

Shell lubricants

Almost every car requires proper lubrication in the mechanical parts to ensure they don’t get damaged due to friction. Besides, when these mechanical parts continue to function, they generate a huge amount of heat that can increase wear and tear and render your car unsafe and inefficient. This can be prevented by applying a proper lubricant, like Shell lubricants, that will reduce friction significantly and extend the overall life of all the mechanical parts under the hood.

Before you choose any lubricant for your car, it would be best to know its types, characteristics, usage, and other details. This way, you can easily decide which lubricant your car needs and whether the chosen product will be compatible with the mechanical parts of the concerned automobile. We have explained some of the major lubricant types available in the market.

What are the different types of automobile lubricants?

This section will explain the various lubricant types and their applications to help you get the best product according to your car’s requirements.

Engine oil

The first and foremost lubricant type we will discuss here is engine oil. From the name itself, you can know these lubricants are specifically made to lubricate various mechanical parts of the engine and reduce the extent of wear and tear. Also, they can prevent heat generation that changes oil consistency and composition, rendering the car unsafe for driving. Ideally, most engine oils from popular brands like Shell lubricants comprise a base oil and several additives like dispersants, antiwear additives, and detergents.

Gear oil

The gear oil is primarily used for lubricating the transmission systems, both manual and automatic. It can also be used for differentials and transfer cases in various four-wheeler cars, trucks, and other automobile types. It has a higher viscosity and comprises EP or extreme pressure additives like sulfur and phosphorus compounds.

Shell lubricants


One of the major auto lubricants used frequently is grease. It is usually added to the steering joints and the suspension systems to prevent wear and tear and damage. Most greases comprise thickeners and base oil, like petroleum, wax, etc. When grease needs to be applied for high-speed bearings or suspension systems exposed to extreme temperature conditions, you will find additives like extreme pressure and antiwear compounds in the product.

Brake fluids

Most people use the highest quality brake fluids to ensure the brakes can operate easily without friction. Besides, the brake system ensures maximum safety for automobiles and drivers. This is why using the highest quality fluid with proper viscosity and consistency is crucial. They are not made from any base oil. Instead, anticorrosive additives and ethylene glycols are used to fabricate the fluids to withstand higher temperatures for a long time.

Why do you need to use automobile lubricants?

Automobile lubricants and oils like Shell lubricantshave a crucial role to play, like:

Shell lubricants
  • Reducing friction between different mechanical parts
  • Appropriate transfer of heat from one part to another under the hood
  • Preventing corrosion and early weird and tear in the mechanical parts
  • Preventing contamination of the engine oil
  • Proper transmission of power from the engine to the motor of the car


This article explains the types of automobile oils and fluids in the market for popular brands like Shell lubricants. So, it will be your call which lubricant you would like to use and extend your vehicle’s lifetime. Battery Master has the best recommendations for all your shell lubricants need.