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5 Tips on Replacing a Car Battery in Dubai

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With the demand for electric vehicles skyrocketing, everyone must understand the importance and internal components of automobiles. It can be the operation of the engine and the transmission system or the battery performance and charging and discharging cycles. As e-vehicles operate differently than regular automobiles running on fuel, knowing these facts in detail will help you have the best riding and driving experience.

Apart from all these different aspects, knowing how to proceed with battery replacement in Dubai will benefit every car owner or operator. It will help people to replace their batteries in emergencies and avoid paying high amounts to auto service centers. Keeping this in mind, we have explained some tips for replacing the car battery in Dubai.

Knowing about car battery life and charge/discharge cycles

One of the first things people should know is the car battery operation, charging needs, charging and discharging cycles, and many more. Usually, electric vehicles use the battery as the prime energy source instead of any fuel like petrol or diesel.

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The car batteries have a steep charging cycle to ensure you won’t have to wait days to charge the batteries fully. On the contrary, the discharging cycle has a flattening curve to ensure the car can run for more distance on every single charging cycle.

Identifying the signs that the battery needs a replacement

Before you take your car to a professional for battery replacement in Dubai, you must know the signs indicating an immediate replacement. Below are some of the prominent indications you should be looking out for:

  1. One of the prominent signs that indicate you need to replace the battery at the earliest is the car not starting even when the engine operates normally. Since a dead battery cannot be charged, the engine won’t start.
  2. Jump-starting a dead battery is often considered the best way to restart and power the engine. However, if jump-starting doesn’t work, the battery must be replaced soon.
  3. Most electric vehicles come with a battery warning light. If it suddenly starts flashing continuously, it means the battery needs replacement.

Choosing the OEM battery with matching specifications

The next factor to consider for an efficient battery replacement in Dubai is knowing the original battery’s configurations. It can be the charging and discharging cycle, the time taken for the charge to come down to 75%, 50%, 20%, and so on.

Knowing all these specifications will help you check whether the chosen battery will be compatible with your vehicle. In addition, you should also check if the battery is OEM or not. Using a local battery can never provide the efficiency and power your car needs to create the best riding or driving experience.

Finding a proper automobile center for battery replacement

Although many people try to replace the batteries by themselves, it would be best to hire a professional. To do so, you should check if the concerned automobile center can replace the car battery of the specific model or offers an OEM battery. Apart from this, you should review the reviews and feedback to know if the service center offers the best quality service.

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Obtaining test drive reports and on-road safety certification

Last but not least, electric vehicle owners should also get the on-road certification and the test drive report from the auto service center. It determines if the battery replaced is working as expected and won’t put everyone’s life at stake.


In this article, we have discussed the five most crucial facts about battery replacement in Dubai. Following these illustrations will give you an upper hand so that the battery can be replaced easily, and you can get on the road with your e-Vehicle in no time. To buy the best quality batteries in Dubai, visit Battery Master, your one-stop shop for all battery supplying needs.

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