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Cost Effective Places for Car Battery Replacement in Dubai


The lifeline of every electric vehicle is the car battery. It provides power to the engine so that the car can perform better. So, you must take proper care of it! From taking the car for timely maintenance to realizing the early symptoms of a disturbed battery, there are many activities you can include in your schedule to extend its lifetime. But despite so much care, sometimes, you might need a battery to replace in Dubai.

For instance, when the battery cannot discharge the power properly or start producing less power to the engine, you must replace the part with a brand new one. But finding the best center for battery replacement is only some people’s cup of tea. So, to ease your worries, we have explained a couple of factors to consider to find the best place for battery replacement.

Experience and expertise

The first and foremost factor you need to consider is the experience earned by the company. Although EV cars are new to the automobile industry, technicians should know the battery technology, its function, and so on.

If the professionals correctly understand the same, relying on their judgment or the problem, remediations might put your car at risk. So, it would be best to collaborate with an automobile repairing and replacement firm having at least 6 to 8 years of market experience.

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The type of battery replaced

When you want the best quality service for battery to replace in Dubai, check if the chosen company is well-versed in your car’s battery. For instance, if you shortlist ten such car firms, only four might know how to deal with the preliminary battery versions for electric vehicles.

So, you should ask the consultants if the shop can replace the battery in your car without putting the vehicle’s and your safety at risk.

License and certification

Another essential factor to consider is the availability of licenses and certifications. The company must be accredited by a reputed organization, proving that the automobile shop does not tolerate malpractice or illegal activity.

Apart from this, you must ensure the technicians working there have an appropriate license for electric vehicle batteries. If you choose a random professional, you won’t be able to raise any lawsuit if the replacement work proves fatal.

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OEM parts dealing

Since the battery can be considered the lifeline of every electric battery, it’s always suggested you choose a shop dealing with OEM parts. These parts are highly secured and come straight from the hands of the original battery manufacturer.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your safety or the vehicles. In addition, the OEM parts last long and do not damage any other vehicle parts.

Battery replacement costs

Looking through the battery replacement cost is also essential. Ideally, the cost estimate depends on any additional service you opt for other than battery replacement in Dubai, battery type, car model, etc.

Therefore, you can ask for a price breakup against your submitted quote. This will give you a brief idea of the total expense.


Since we have discussed the significant factors to consider before deciding on a firm for battery replacement in Dubai, you should be extra cautious. Please do so to avoid huge problems that might render the car unsafe for driving.