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Three Things to Do When Your Car Battery Dies in the Middle of Nowhere

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“Vrooooom!” The car engine starts.

You finally start your much-awaited journey with your friends on a warm yet breezy summer day. You breathe a sigh of relief realizing you have finally made it after months of postponing and weeks of planning.

Your friend plays the “Country Road Trip Songs” playlist on Spotify…

With singalongs and refreshing chill drinks, the car slides through the tarmac down towards the destination.

Halfway into the journey, your friend pulls over the car.

All of you get to check what went wrong with the car.

“Damn!” your friend shouts. The car battery is dead.

You desperately look around to see if you could reach out to anybody nearby. But as far as you can see, there are only empty lands.

So, what would you do if you were stuck in a situation like this? Whom would you ask for help?

Incidents like these can be unavoidable, so it’s imperative that you think wisely and take the right actions. To give you some ideas on how you can help yourself in situations like these, we have listed three things to do:

Jump-start the Car

One of the best ways to start a car with a dead battery is to jump-start it. Ask any driver nearby to help you with jumpstarting your battery, which is one of the easiest ways to get your battery recharged. To do that, all you need is another vehicle with a good battery. Connect the jumper cables from your dead battery’s terminals to the other driver’s battery with a set of jumper cables. Jumpers should be connected in such a way that black connects to the negative terminal on the charged battery and a solid metal on your car’s engine, red connects to the positive terminals on both batteries. Once all this is done, start the engine of the vehicle with the charged battery. Allow it to run for a few minutes, and then try igniting your car. This way, you can easily resurrect your car’s dead battery and therefore start your car again. While carrying out this process, please ensure the positive and negative terminals don’t touch each other as it may cause a shower of dangerous sparks, and short-circuiting.

Push-start the Car

Say you don’t have any jumper cables, or even worse, couldn’t find any cars or trucks passing by. What can you do then? One option to try is to push or roll start your car.

Here’s how you can do that.

Mind you, this procedure only applies to vehicles with a manual transmission. To try this method, all you would require is two or more people to push the car. (One behind the wheel and one or more to push).

First, insert the ignition key into the on position and put the transmission in Neutral gear.

Now, ask the people that are ready to push the car to keep pushing it until it gains some momentum, or in other words, up until the vehicle reaches a speed of about 5-10 mph.

Now release the clutch and shift to second gear and quickly engage the clutch. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the engine should turn over. Once the engine turns on, press the accelerator gently. Finally, shift into neutral and allow the engine to run for at least a minute before driving.

But this method doesn’t work in all circumstances. Experts warn that a car that is parked on a hill should never be tried to push or roll start. Likewise, if a car’s battery is completely dead, there’s no use in pushing and roll-starting as it won’t bring it back to life. Moreover, manufacturers of some vehicles do not recommend push-starting them this way. To be on the safer side, always check your owner’s manual for any warnings.

Call a Professional Auto Mechanic

If trying to jump-start the vehicle didn’t work and you couldn’t push-start the car despite trying multiple times, it’s time you rang a professional auto mechanic for help. You can also book mechanics on any mobile app company providing remote mechanic services.

Many insurance companies, car service centers, and even battery technicians offer roadside services that can be very helpful to people stranded because of breakdowns. These technicians will usually check the battery to see if it’s capable of starting the vehicle, and just in case they find the battery to be completely dead, they will offer a new one.

Another important thing to note while calling a mechanic or somebody you know to your location is to try to make it easier for them to locate your place. To achieve this, make sure you get yourself near crossroads, mile markers, or any landmark that will be easier for them to find you.

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