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Five Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

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Do you find it difficult while you start your car? If yes, perhaps your car battery needs a replacement.

Your car won’t be able to perform most of its functions properly without a healthy battery. Being one of the critical components of a vehicle, batteries display warning signs to the driver if they are unhealthy. While some notice the warning signs early and take the appropriate measures, many drivers remain oblivious to the signs only to notice them when things get worse.

Hence, we have listed five warning signs of a dead or dying battery that every driver should be cognizant of if they are to ensure the good health of their car and its battery.

1. Glitch in Electrical Components

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If your car window is taking longer to wind down or your radio is not playing as loud as before, or your headlights are getting dimmer, it is a clear indication that your car battery is not robust.

One of the other indications is the dim lights on your dashboard, as either of these can be a sign that your battery charge is low. At times, instead of dimming, the lights will flicker, which could also be a sign that your car battery needs replacement.

If you notice these components failing, it’s imperative that you get your car battery looked at or replaced. Dimmed lights in your car also mean that your car’s indicator lights won’t light up properly, which could be fatal for you and other vehicles on the road.

2. Corrosion and Leakage Smell

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A pungent, rotten egg-like smell from your vehicle is an indicator that your car battery is probably leaking. Another indication of battery leakage is corrosion around the battery terminal. Corrosions usually occur on the + and – cable connectors, which affect the current flow of the battery. Cleaning the corrosion doesn’t fix the issue completely. But it can act as a temporary solution to the problem.

Also, failure to notice the leaking battery may cause the acid to eat away other engine parts, thus costing you more money to fix or replace it. So, once you notice the signs, you should check them as quickly as possible.

3. Difficulty in Starting Your Car

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A failing car battery can also cause a slow engine crank. This means, your car will take more time than usual to start, or the cranking of your engine has become sluggish. If you are not able to start your car with one simple turn of the key (or push button), then it’s certain that your battery needs charging.

The engine, however, may slowly crank at times if the weather is cold or the car hasn’t been used in a while. In such cases, the problem might be sorted out automatically in a while, but still, if it doesn’t and the engine continues to crank slowly, it could be a warning that your battery will die soon.

4. Warning Light on the Dashboard

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Yet another easy way to see if your battery is functioning properly is to look at your car’s dashboard which allows you to identify fault components in your vehicle. Red warning signs are usually displayed on the dashboard if the car’s battery is running low or faulty,

The battery warning light could also signify a problem with the alternator just like the check engine sign.

But it doesn’t mean that these red symbols appear only because of problems with the battery. The dashboard can indicate problems with the various electronic parts of the car. And that’s why it’s highly recommended to get it checked immediately after you spot it.

5. Battery Life

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On average, a car battery can last between 3 to 5 years, but this will depend on one’s driving habits and conditions as some car batteries have been known to last longer than that. Even if your car doesn’t show any signs mentioned above, it is advised to get it replaced every two and a half years. Because, once your battery reaches its critical lifespan, your car might experience multiple problems, all at once. This could affect the components of your car severely and can put you in annoying situations.

Yes, regularly replacing batteries might seem a bit costly at times, but it would be pretty convincing to you if you compared the amount you will have to spend in repairing the damages to unhealthy batteries.

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