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How to perform a complete car battery inspection?

BMW genuine battery in UAE

There is no doubt that the car battery is the most crucial part of every vehicle. Not only is it the life source of automobiles, but it’s pretty costly and hard to repair. Most often, if the battery starts malfunctioning, you won’t have any other option than to replace it with a new one. And truth be told, the price will be almost half the amount of the vehicle itself.

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting the BMW’s genuine battery in the UAE or any other brand, the price won’t decrease. So, you need to run inspections on it to identify the hidden issues on time before they surface and cause way more problems. Sometimes, these problems are trivial and can be resolved with simple repair trip to the mechanic.

But only some people are aware of the proper process to run the inspection on the batteries. If it is done incorrectly, you won’t be able to detect the actual problem. So, we’ve compiled this list for car battery inspection that you should follow.

BMW genuine battery in UAE

Step 1: Battery case inspection

Every car battery is concealed within a strong case. It’s usually made from tough and durable plastic to ensure the inner components are not damaged due to wear and tear and corrosion. Additionally, most batteries also come with a challenging and break-resistant casing that won’t form any dent even when it suffers a significant collision. Therefore, first, you need to start by inspecting the cases of the BMW genuine battery UAE or any other one according to your car model and brand.

Step 2: Bracket examination

If you check the batteries that you put inside a small case, you will realize the batteries are held together using the springs. However, such an arrangement is not possible for cars. Therefore, you can check the brackets that hold the battery in its place and prevent its movement from one place to another as you continue to drive the car. If the bracket is loose or unstable, the battery won’t hold in place and can collide with other parts, thereby sustaining massive damage from the collision.

Step 3: Battery terminals check

When you get a BMW’s genuine battery in the UAE, check the terminals that are further connected with the electrical wiring to convert the electrical energy into mechanical and drive the motor. If the terminals are corroded, improperly insulated, and even have slight traces of rust, the battery won’t be able to perform in the expected manner soon. Using a car battery with such damaged terminals can risk your safety when driving the car.

BMW genuine battery in UAE

Step 4: Loosened cable check

You also need to check if the BMW genuine battery in the UAE has loosened cables or not. If there is any such cable, you need to tighten the same and ensure it won’t come out again or cause a short circuit leading to a malfunctioning battery.

Step 5: Warning signs

Last, you must also check the car battery for warning signs. For instance, if your battery often suffers from dead charge and you need to rely on a jump starter, there will be high charges that the battery won’t work after a couple of times jump-starting it. Therefore, look for warning signs that show your battery is damaged.


Since you know the most important five steps to inspect the BMW genuine battery in UAE, you won’t make any other mistake. Call a professional if you cannot find a problem or fix the same. To get the most genuine tips and car batteries, visit Battery Master.

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