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How does temperature affect battery performance

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Whether it is the car battery or the regular battery used in electric circuits, checking its performance and monitoring it is crucial. Until and unless the batteries operate efficiently, it won’t be easy to complete any tasks or maintain the system operating properly. For instance, if the car battery doesn’t generate enough power after completing the first operation cycle, you won’t be able to achieve high speed or torque.

Several factors impact the battery performance, but the temperature seems to be the most important one. Batteries Dubai is usually a temperature sensitive, which is why most operators regulate the circuit temperature and ambient temperature to ensure the components can work as per the expectations and deliver consistent performance over time. But before doing so, it’s crucial to know how temperature can affect the battery performance.

In this article, we shall discuss the relationships between temperature and battery performance.

Impact of high temperature on batteries

The first thing we should learn about the relationship between battery and temperature is the impact of excessive heat on product performance. In this following section, we have listed some of how high temperatures can impact battery performance in a bad way.

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Premature battery failure

Every battery has a lifetime, like one year, three years, 10 years, and so on. The lifetime is usually decided at the time of manufacturing based on the total charging cycles the battery can withstand without starting to discharge in inactive conditions.

When the ambient temperature around the battery increases beyond the threshold, it can lead to premature battery failure or a condition where the battery stops working or discharges completely before the end of its lifetime. Sometimes, prematurely failed batteries are kickstarted using a jumper, while most times, they need to be replaced with a fresh battery.

Increased water loss and corrosion

When batteries Dubai are subjected to high temperatures for prolonged hours, they can lead to various types of chemical reactions inside the battery that are not wanted or expected.

As the electrolyte composition might change and the anode and cathode rods can degrade faster, the battery will suffer from water loss and corrosion in the long run. If such incidents happen, the battery will fail to perform after a couple of weeks and risk the entire system.

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Decreased life expectancy

There is no doubt that battery failures directly correlate with high temperature. When heat is given to the battery in an unprecedented amount, it can render it useless and decrease its life expectancy.

For example, when a car battery is exposed to heat for 12 to 14 hours a day, its life expectancy can easily reduce from seven to five years.

Faster discharging

Also, batteries Dubai when exposed to heat for a prolonged time, can have an imbalance in charging and discharging cycles. Usually, batteries in complicated systems have a sharp charging cycle for fast charging but a flattened discharging cycle to supply power for a long time.

But suppose heat is given to the battery and is not maintained appropriately. In that case, the discharging cycle will also become steeper gradually, and the battery won’t be able to provide power for a long time.


As we have discussed the relationship between batteries Dubai and temperature, it will be easier for you to decide whether the maintenance methods implemented are appropriate maintenance methods to save the battery from temperature damage.

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