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How does distilled water increase a car battery’s life?

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The car’s battery has a significant role in powering the vehicle and allowing it to propel further. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving an electric car or not; the battery will remain consistent. The size of the battery and other attributes differ according to the needed output, caliber, load to run, and so on. Therefore, if the batteries are not maintained appropriately, it won’t be possible for you to make the component long-lasting.

There are several ways to extend the car’s battery life, out of which adding distilled water has become the best. Now, there are many reasons owing to which you cannot use regular water for the car batteries. In this following article, we have explained why distilled water has proven to be super effective for automobile batteries in Dubai.

What is the difference between regular tap water and distilled water?

Before explaining the use of distilled water in batteries, let’s first understand the difference between it and regular tap water. You won’t find any mineral salt or chemical additives in distilled water. It is entirely pure and made from water molecules only. Therefore, electricity cannot pass through distilled water. Also, its freezing and boiling points are ideal, i.e., 0 degrees and 100 degrees.

On the contrary, if we consider regular tap water, you will find a lot of chemical additives, dissolved mineral salts, acidic compounds, alkaline, and so on. Due to the presence of ions, regular tap water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Also, it is not the purest form of water, so the boiling and freezing points aren’t the same.

Which type of car batteries need distilled water?

There are many types of car batteries available on the market. But you cannot add distilled water to all of them. Instead, the only battery type compatible with distilled water is inverter or deep-cycle batteries. Now, let’s have an understanding of what it is.

A regular battery consumes current at a fixed rate, no matter the load. Even if the load requirement is much less, the battery will consume the same amount of power. However, Dubai’s inverter batteries consume power at a variable rate. Their consumption entirely depends on the load connected to the external circuit.

The term “deep-cycle” is associated with the battery because its discharging cycle is long, almost twice the charging cycle. As the battery discharges slowly, it provides power for a longer time when compared to regular batteries.

Why do batteries need distilled water?

Water acts as a coolant and aqueous solution for the battery’s electrolyte. If you pour regular tap water, the mineral ions will form a layer over the battery’s electrodes, preventing the actual cathode and anode reactions. Therefore, no discharge will happen, and the external circuit won’t consume any current.

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On the other hand, if you add distilled water, it is free of any impurities or chemical additives. As a result, no extra layer will be deposited over the electrodes, and they will function as expected. The load circuit will observe a current flow and you can efficiently operate your car with ease.

Your car battery’s life will be extended because the cathode and anode terminals will remain free of chemical deposits.


In this article, we have described why batteries in Dubai need distilled water for better performance. You can find the water from battery outlets since it is considered one of the significant components for extending the battery’s life.

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