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Golf Cart Flooded Battery Dubai

Golf Cart Flooded Battery Dubai

Golf cart batteries are a necessity for your business and you must not compromise the quality when it comes to purchasing golf cart batteries for your business or even for recreational purposes. If you are looking to buy golf cart flooded batteries in Dubai, here are a few things that we believe you must be acquainted with!

What are golf cart batteries?


Golf cart batteries are commonly found in the Middle Eastern markets. They have the ability to power a miniature golf cart buggy for a very long time, let’s say an entire day. Golf cart batteries are widely purchased by hotels, resorts, golf trainers, and a lot more. The applications of these batteries can be varied but come to look at it, the components that make up golf cart batteries are quite similar to each other.


What are the various types of golf cart batteries?


Golf cart batteries come in various shapes, sizes as well as compositions. Based on their utility and composition material, they can be broadly categorised as the following-

  • Flooded Acid Batteries: Flooded acid golf cart batteries are usually the most traditional forms of golf cart batteries. Acid-flooded golf cart batteries are cost-effective and the maintenance of these batteries is frankly a lot easier. Most users are well equipped with its installation as well as replacement procedure, giving flooded acid batteries an edge over other types of golf cart batteries.
  • AGM Lead Acid Batteries: AGM batteries are also lead-acid batteries making them quite similar to acid-flooded lead batteries. They have an edge over acid-flooded batteries when it comes to charging benefits and longevity.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Lithium ions are comparatively newer. It does not make use of lead. Instead, it utilises lithium ions to generate electricity that helps to keep the machine running with ease.
  • Gel-Based Lead Acid Batteries: Gel-based is another form of lead-based acid battery. They are highly durable and have a longer lifespan.  


What is the average life of Golf Cart Batteries?


The average standard life of a golf cart battery will solely depend on its maintenance and care. On proper maintenance, golf batteries can last up to 7-8 years of regular wear and tear without causing any damage. Ensuring that you purchase a good quality golf battery charger will improve the chances of increasing your batteries’ lifespan.


Golf Cart Flooded Batteries in Dubai | Battery Master


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